About Us

If you are blessed, as I was, to fall into work which you truly love – the days so quickly turn into weeks, months, years.

For me, it started as a creative pastime, “doing hair” as a teenager. As an adult, this pastime of pampering others turned into a job, as a technical stylist. As my career evolved, I found passion in managing salons, and I fell in love with the magic of hiring and leading enthusiastic, creative people to create an amazing environment for clients.

I have been blessed to cross paths with kind, honest people who are as passionate as I am about our industry. Whatever their expertise – be it nails, skincare, massage, hair styling – each is an integral member of the carefully selected team. at Tribute. My belief and pride in the team is the basis for the culture our clients can feel firsthand  – it is our tribute to our clients, to the journey we are on as a team.

Tribute’s story is simple – we are a team, dedicated to using our creative force, thankful for the opportunity of making each client visit a service experience. Our symbol, the lotus, represents the loyalty we feel for for all those involved in the journey.

We invite you to share in the journey.

In style, in fashion, in life – if you follow your path with passion – it becomes a tribute to the soul…
— Denne

“To achieve all that is possible – we must attempt the impossible. To be as much as we can be – we must dream of being more.” — Unknown